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Canyon Grill News and Reviews

CityScope Readers' Choice 2021

December 31, 2020

Canyon Grill is the CityScope Readers’ Choice Dining Awards 2021 Best Overall Restaurant

March 2017

March 14, 2017

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Lookout Mountain

June 4, 2015

Perhaps what Chattanooga is best known for – even more than its Civil War sites and its venerable choo-choo – are the ageless nostalgic attractions on Lookout Mountain. Generations of tourists have climbed to the top of Lookout Mountain aboard the Incline Railway and journeyed through Rock City Gardens and Ruby Falls. Read More

Day 22: Canyon Grill – Lookout Mountain

Jeff Wishmyer | | June 4, 2015

Upscale yet very comfortable, the secret at Canyon Grill is, “they do everything right”!

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Winter at the Grill

November 30, 2013

The beautiful mountain winter is in full swing and it brings wonderful changes to our menu. Our herbs and greens are grown here and are coming in fresh. We are also featuring fresh produce from the Moore Family Farm as well as our very own. We have a wonderful fish selection every week direct from day boat fishers with American Red Snapper direct shipped from the Florida Gulf this week. We are very excited about our newest addition to the menu. Cioppino, an amazing mix of shellfish and market fish in a rich, house made tomato seafood broth. We are continuing to create more new dishes and can’t wait to share them with you all.

I Heart Chattanooga

Jim Leff | | October 26, 2006

Canyon Grill is something of a miracle, seamlessly integrating seemingly contrary factors. Food, service, and décor are the essence of sophistication, yet the result somehow feels perfectly natural atop a mountain in rural Georgia.

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Guests find that Canyon Grill is worth the drive to Lookout Mountain

July 31, 2006

Not far from Cloudland Canyon State Park, Canyon Grill’s location is remote – so remote that most guests drive at least a half-hour along a scenic road on the back side of Lookout Mountain. First-timers are told to recognize the building from the cars in the gravel parking lot and its proximity to the adjacent New Salem Mountain Market, an old-time corner grocer. Read More

Canyon Grill Chef Learns from School of Hard Knocks

December 31, 2005

Johnny Holland climbed the ladder from a high school kitchen worker to executive chef of the popular Canyon Grill through practical, hands-on experience, and guidance from restaurateur Lawton Haygood. Read More

Slash and Burn Catfish

May 31, 2005

Canyon Grill’s signature dish showcases Lawton Haygood’s grilling techniques and a menu item bursting with freshness and flavor from herbs, spices and ingredients like garlic and jalapenos. Read More

River Deep, Mountain High

Krista Reese | GeorgiaTrend | June 4, 2003

The Canyon Grill was born of simple foodways — owner Cal Hagood's grandmother cured ham and bacon and served biscuits and sandwiches here at a little country store called Bea's for more than 20 years. Cal's father promised her another restaurant would reopen on this spot, and after the place sat vacant for more than seven years, her grandson has more than done her proud.

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